KOYA® Skin: the why



Staying active - part of self-care that becomes a ritual of training, of work, of sweat, (& often pain) in pursuit of all-important self-imposed goals. It's hard, but invigorating. It's life... in truth it's the cliche of "Live, Sleep, Eat & Train".

However, most people forget the part of training that is the 'frame to the photo'... i.e. your skin, on show. Finding the extra 2 minutes in your day to care for your hard-working body, through gentle skincare; taking the time to care & nurture your skin. It's an investment in looking good now & in the future. You've put the effort into your training, you need a body lotion that's going to showcase your hard work; without leaving a greasy residue.

Whether you are training fully clothed or in short shorts - no one likes to feel "greasy" when they sweat. For many people they just skip moisturising when they are training & leave it until 'off-season'. For those that don't do 'off-season' body lotions are often skipped all together.

The concept of a residue-free lotion formula came about over 10 years ago when KOYA formulated a unique line of specialised body lotions for Aerial & Pole athletes. A product development brief that called for a body lotion that was non-slip, for zero 'slick' residue when sweating, and most importantly; a lotion that tones & enhances the appearance of the skin - for skin on show.

After a decade of being sold, used, & loved by International Champions, local athletes & dancers alike; this unique formulation is now available for under the KOYA Skin brand. Not tested on animals, rather, tested by humans; dedicated athletes who take their skincare seriously. A product you can trust. No nasties, no residue, no worries.

Made in Australia, clean ingredients, eco-focussed packaging. Performance skincare that doesn’t hold you back!

"KOYA is a reflection of hard work, appreciating the gifts we have been blessed with, & choosing to live an authentic, considerate existence."



Whilst we are an Aussie company, travel outside our borders offers both educational and experiantial growth that you can't get from books or online. We are forever inspired by the deep respect held for indigenous & historic traditions that are sources of pride & rich culture in so many countries. It's a lesson we hope Australia as a nation will, with time develop a true & authentic celebration of Indigenous & First Nation culture.   

We are constantly learning from the people we meet, cultures we experiance & stories we hear.

In a recent trip to Japan, we were honoured as "Westerners", to visit Mt Koya in Japan, truly one of the most beautiful & spiritual places in the world. A UNESCO heritage site; embraced by mountains, ancient trees, hundreds of monasteries, shrines & temples... In what became the inspiration for our name, it was a true privilege to visit this site. The monks & small community living here, they have an incredibly deep connection with nature, their history & their story.

Beauty in nature, also found in respect, kindness & appreciation of both past & present. 

KOYA is to us, about a connection between care and nature; for this generation, & for future generations.

Caring for yourself, appreciating the journey that got you to this place in time, being present & respecting yourself enough to care for your own self as you do others - but being mindful that what we do here impacts the future of our children & this earth. 

KOYA® is a reflection of hard work, appreciating the gifts we have been blessed with, & choosing to live an authentic, considerate existence.