KOYA Tattoo: Daily Tattoo care

KOYA Tattoo: Daily Tattoo care

The best tattoo lotions should be simple - light, easily absorbed, all natural and free from petrochemicals and other nasty's. KoyaTattoo is all these things and more .

A unique, vegan based, fragrance free formula, KoyaTattoo is safe for sensitive skin and packed with anti-oxidants.

Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba and Horse tail (the plant not the animal) are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and help to make KoyaTattoo perfectly suited as a tattoo moisturizer and as a tattoo aftercare lotion.

For the care of fresh tattoos during the healing process, or as daily moisturizer lotion to keep those older tattoos looking as fresh as the day you got them, KoyaTattoo will help you give your tattoo's the love they deserve.

A Daily Tattoo lotion

A tattoo is an investment - an investment in time, an investment in your story and your skin, and an investment in your hard earned money.


Tattoo care is so important to keep your ink looking fresh and vibrant as the rigours of everyday life take their toll on your body and on your skin.


Healthy skin equals Healthy tattoos.


The best lotion to choose for your tattooed skin should serve as a tattoo lotion and a body lotion too.


It should combat dry skin, and be safe regardless of your skin type, even if you have sensitive skin.


KoyaTattoo is a tattoo lotion that is light and easily absorbed. It's non greasy and won't leave an oily residue on your skin.


It wont stain your clothes, and its natural ingredients and fragrance free formula make it suitable for sensitive skin types.


As with all the body lotions in our range, KoyaTattoo is designed with those who live an active lifesystyle in mind.


And as a body lotion and not a tattoo balm, butter or tattoo gel, KoyaTattoo is best used for daily moisturizing, not just for your inked skin, but for your whole body.

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The Best Tattoo Lotion for After Care

When it comes to tattoo aftercare, a tattoo lotion has the same benefits for your skin during the healing process as it does when used for daily tattoo care once healing is complete.


As any good tattoo artist will tell you, proper care of your fresh tattoo is super important.


Regardless of your skin type, your chosen aftercare lotion should be light, easily applied and made with natural ingredients to reduce the chance of irritation or infection during the healing process.


A fragrance free formula, such as KoyaTattoo, also reduces this chance of irritation.


Your tattoo aftercare lotion should also support the skin's natural ability to heal.


The key ingredients in KoyaTattoo - Vitamin e, Gingko Biloba and Horsetail - were all selected for their anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, to support the skin naturally during the healing process.


Tattoo care doesn't end when the ink dries and the wound heals, and you can continue to use KoyaTattoo daily as a tattoo lotion to keep your tattoos looking fresh and well protected.

A Lotion To Make Your Ink Pop

Bright, deep colours and crisp lines. We all love the look of new tattoos.


But how will they look in 6 months, or in 12 months? Or in 5 years? In 20?


Well, the correct answer is they'll still look awesome!


But all tattoos will fade and be impacted by the health of your skin, and how you look after them throughout your life.


To keep your tattoos looking their best you need to look after your skin. And the key to looking after your skin is to keep it hydrated.


The best tattoo lotions, such as KoyaTattoo, will hydrate and nourish your skin and keep your tattoos looking awesome.


Love your tattoos and they'll love you back.


Tattoo lotions vs Tattoo butters vs Tattoo balms vs Tattoo gels

It is easy to get confused when deciding what to choose for your tattoo aftercare product and for your long term tattoo skin care needs, particularly if you are new to the world of tattoo's.


As seasoned collectors of tattoos, the KoyaTattoo team has personally tested many different types of tattoo aftercare products - healing ointment, tattoo balms, butters and even tattoo gels.


Here are some of the things we've learned on our journey.


First and foremost,  petrochemicals should be completed avoided. Not just for fresh ink, but in general for all skin types and for all skin care routines.


Baby oil should not be used as a substitute for a good tattoo lotion, and neither should olive oil.


A tattoo balm or butter will generally be thicker and less easily absorbed, and can leave a thin layer on top of the skin. This is not ideal and can be messy and stain your clothes. Same would go for a healing ointment or a tattoo gel.


And this is how KoyaTattoo came about. A tattoo lotion that we created to meet the needs of a  daily tattoo moisturizer and aftercare lotion in one.


A tattoo lotion such as KoyaTattoo is a moisturizing lotion which is quickly and easily absorbed. This is great as a daily moisturizer and aftercare lotion too.


Using a body lotion will help to ensure your skin is adequately hydrated at all times. Within a few days of use you'll notice the difference in your skin and your tattoos.


Dry skin will be a thing of the past, no longer hiding your ink. Lines will appear more crisp, and colours deeper and brighter.


Skin Type and Tattoo Care

When looking for which tattoo aftercare lotion to use during the healing process, you should default to a lotion that would be suitable for sensitive skin.


Fragrance free, all natural and with no chemical nasties. This can't be stressed enough, to avoid infection and irritation, and give your fresh tattoo every change to heal cleanly and safely.


Longer term, as an ongoing moisturizing lotion, you can test other lotion types, including gradual tanners and those with fragrances, as part of you skin care routine.


The best lotion to use will be safe as a daily moisture lotion, and will be all natural and by your choice vegan based and cruelty free.


The complete KoyaSkin Range are based on these principles and can used on tattooed skin once fully healed.


As with all products however we  recommend a patch test is undertaken before larger applications are under taken.


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