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Promote healing by caring for your new tattoo. 

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KOYA Tattoo: Sensitiv+e 60ml Travel size

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KOYA Tattoo: Sensitiv+e 200ml Body Lotion

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    The Best Tattoo Lotion for After Care


    Use lotion from 24-48 hours after your new ink or as advised by your artist. KOYA Sensitiv+e is for fresh art & existing tattoos. Use on your whole body to tone & energise the appearance of your skin. Toned skin creates the appearance of bolder lines & colours. Use daily to ensure your skin is healthy & hydrated & your art isn't hidden behind dry, scaly skin. KOYA Tattoo Sensitiv+e for gentle, residue free, soothings care for your new ink. 


    When it comes to tattoo aftercare, a tattoo lotion has the same benefits for your skin during the healing process as it does when used for daily tattoo care once healing is complete. As any good tattoo artist will tell you, proper care of your fresh tattoo is super important. Regardless of your skin type, your chosen aftercare lotion should be light, easily applied and made with natural ingredients to reduce the chance of irritation or infection during the healing process.


    A fragrance free formula, such as KoyaTattoo, also reduces this chance of irritation. Your tattoo aftercare lotion should also support the skin's natural ability to heal. The key ingredients in KoyaTattoo - Vitamin e, Gingko Biloba and Horsetail - were all selected for their anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, to support the skin naturally during the healing process. Tattoo care doesn't end when the ink dries and the wound heals, and you can continue to use KoyaTattoo daily as a tattoo lotion to keep your tattoos looking fresh and well protected.