9 Awesome Flower Tattoos That Are Both Beautiful and Symbolic

9 Awesome Flower Tattoos That Are Both Beautiful and Symbolic

Did you know? Floral tattoo designs date back a really long time—going as far back as early B.C.E. They were shown through patterns and symbols and used as a form of identity in tribal tradition. Cool, huh?

At the time, having a flower tattoo told others that you came from where that flower grew, making it part of who you are.

As tattoos began to spread across modern Western culture, the floral design became a favorite for everyone.

They have remained trendy—even today! For many super interesting reasons, too:

  • Floral tattoo designs look good everywhere, from the wrists to your thighs, to your shoulders, and to your feet.
  • Flower tattoos can be easily scaled down or enlarged.
  • Flowers are really positive and make you think of love and happiness.

Above all, flowers are symbolic expressions that help represent what’s important to you—your values, traditions, religious beliefs, and status.

So, if you love floral designs (just like we do), these stunning and symbolic flower tattoos will serve as inspiration for your next tatt.

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1 - Lotus Flower Tattoo

lotus flower tattoo

Ever seen how beautiful the lotus flower looks as it floats on water? The scene is even more spectacular as it blossoms.

It’s known that Hindus associate the lotus flower with divinity and purity; in part for the flower’s pure colors and soft, sweet, fruity scent.

The main reason for the reverence of the lotus is that it’s believed that Buddha was born from a white lotus.

lotus flower tattoo on arm

Despite growing in the mud, the lotus emerges victorious by producing magnificent flowers with breathtaking views.

For us, the lotus flower represents that one optimistic friend who never gives up, no matter the circumstances. If you have this admirable go-getter attitude, maybe it’s time to remind yourself of who you are with a lovely lotus tatt.

2 - Cherry Blossom Tattoo

cherry blossom tattoo

In Asian cultures and religions, the sweet cherry is called Sakura—derived from the Japanese word Saku, which means to bloom or smile.

The blooming flower is super special to the Japanese—in fact, it’s their national flower. Most of their tattooing traditions (referred to as irezumi) include the cherry blossom, which to them is a symbol of new beginnings.

cherry blossom tattoo on arm

Sadly, the cherry blossom’s blooming season only lasts 1–2 weeks, which makes it one of the most fragile flowers on the planet.

But even in this short blooming season, the cherry flower produces exceptionally beautiful flowers that are a sight to behold. The blossom’s beauty and fragility make us associate it with femininity and pure love.

cherry blossom tattoo on neck

Additionally, the cherry blossom’s short lifespan ties it to mortality. Many of us have the cherry blossom tattoo as a reminder that life is short, so we should live in the present moment.

The blooming cherry tattoo can also symbolize gratitude. Like the cherry flower’s short blooming season, we can lose valuable people abruptly. This tattoo reminds us to be grateful for all we have now and to cherish the time spent with our loved ones before they’re gone.

3 - Rose Flower Tattoo

rose flower tattoos on thigh

The rose flower tattoo is the most common flower tattoo design today. It’s widely associated with love, but this wasn’t always the case.

The rose flower originated in ancient Persia. Ancient Persians related it to masculinity because of its bulkiness.

rose flower tattoo on arm

Fast-forward to the 16th century, the rose became a symbol of identity, but not the way it is today. It was tattooed on prisoners given a death sentence so that in case they escaped from prison, the rose symbol would expose them.

Many years later, the rose tattoo became a symbol of beauty, then passion, and then finally, love.

rose flower tattoo on back

Its representation of love became more popular in the early 20th century when sailors began tattooing the flower on their bodies as a tribute to the loved ones they’d leave behind when they went to war.

rose flower tattoo on legs

Today, we have several styles of rose tattoos. Their meanings vary based on their colors:

Rose Flower Tattoo Color What It Signifies
Red Mostly symbolizes love and romance. But it can also represent hope, beauty, or new beginnings
Coral Modesty, sympathy, or friendship
Pink A deep pink represents beauty, gratitude, appreciation, recognition, or respect. But a lighter pink symbolizes happiness, joy, and gentleness
Yellow Friendship, devotion, happiness, or new beginnings
White Innocence, purity, sympathy, or spirituality
Black Mostly symbolizes a tragic occurrence like death, heartbreak, or regret. But it can also represent bouncing back from a difficult situation

4 - Tulip Flower Tattoo

tulip flower tattoo

The tulip flower we know and love today was first grown in modern Turkey and Persia. It was later transported to Europe by merchants in the 16th century, where it significantly grew in popularity.

The flower became valuable in Europe and was mainly associated with power and wealth. As a result, its value skyrocketed so much that at one point, the price of a single tulip bulb was almost the same as that of a house!

Today, the tulip flower is spread all over the world, and bears different meanings depending on where you’re from.

tulip flower tattoo on leg

For instance, the English associate the tulip flower with chivalry and charity; in Turkey, it’s a reminder of purity and beauty; and for the Dutch, the tulip is a national emblem and one of their greatest treasures.

But for the rest of us, the tulip flower is super versatile—not too eccentric or too exquisite. It’s a flower for everyone, which is why we see it as a symbol of peace and equilibrium.

5 - Daisy Flower Tattoo

daisy flower tattoo

The Chinese refer to the daisy flower as “Chu Ju,” which is the Chinese word for the baby chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemums are the largest commercially grown flowers in the US.

This name stems from the daisy’s similarity in shape and colors to baby chrysanthemums, which symbolize birth, innocence, and youth in the East.

daisy flower tattoo on arm

We love daisy tattoos because of their versatility. They come in all shapes, colors, and styles, and some even involve a full composition of leaves and animals.

If you’d love to add the daisy tattoo to your tattoo bucket list, we’ve outlined some of the most popular daisy tattoo colors and their meanings below to give you some ideas.

Daisy Flower Tattoo Color What It Symbolizes
White Hope, purity, or a new beginning
Red Youth
Yellow Cheerfulness, joy, and good luck
Blue Trust and loyalty

6 - Lily Flower Tattoo

lily flower tattooed on chest

Lilies (liliums) come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Originating from the Northern Hemisphere, these lovely flowers have spread worldwide and gained recognition in various cultures.

lily flower

The Chinese, for instance, used the lily flower to symbolize that a couple’s love would last forever. This made it a popular decoration piece at most Chinese weddings.

lily flower with purity and feminine beauty

Today, we mostly associate the lily flower with purity and feminine beauty, but their meanings can also vary by color:

Lily Flower Tattoo Color What It Symbolizes
White Eternity and purity
Red Happy marriage and intense love
Yellow Joy and optimism
Orange Wealth and energy


7 - Chrysanthemum Tattoo


Chrysanthemum — the flowering herb — is an absolutely gorgeous plant that comes in all shapes and colors.

First recorded in text in 15 Century BC China, the chrysanthemum soon appeared in Japan, where it became the official seal of the Emperor. From there, it eventually spread into the Western world and became a corsage — something of beauty given to loved ones. — but also a way to symbolize birth, innocence, and youth.

Today, it’s the largest produced flower in the US, and not just because of its ease of cultivation. It’s just so beautiful to look at, and so, of course, it makes for a super symbolic tattoo, too.

super symbolic tattoo

It also shows well-being, friendship, and happiness, and it’s one of the best ways to celebrate a loved one or special occasion, such as a wedding or even an anniversary of friendship.

8 - Poppy Tattoo

symbol of solidarity

When it comes to historical significance, there’s nothing quite like the poppy. Across all of the Commonwealth, it’s a symbol of solidarity to those who lost their lives in the Great War.

However, even before then, poppies were a sign of remembrance. In fact, in the Napoleonic Wars, it’s even said poppies grew where battles were fought and over the graves of those who had fallen.

poppies have bright vibrant colors

Poppies are such a beautiful way to remember someone because they’re such pleasant flowers that stand out with bright vibrant colors.

Yet, poppies are symbolic in other ways, too. They’re also a sign of peace, silence, and tranquility — a way to show the world your empathy towards less peaceful times and your perseverance as you push toward a happier future.

vivian tattoos

9 - Camellia

camellia flowers

Camellia flowers are the best way to brighten up a garden; they’re a beautiful bright red, soft to the touch, and bloom in all kinds of environments. They’re an endearing sign of love and affection that have been around for almost 5,000 years.

Traditionally, they were used to produce tea in China, but have since spread to countries such as Portugal and even England — where they caught the eye of the monarchy. In fact, George III famously planted a camellia in Germany.

Having a camellia tatt gives people an insight into who you are. It shows that you’re a kind, loving person who adores life and all it has to offer. It also symbolizes admiration — perhaps for a loved one you’re proud of, or even just a life well lived.

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