KOYA Tattoo Lotion

The Brand & FAQs

In developing a conscious respect for closed chapters & those we still own, we all have our own story... our life story. Many of us choose to express our story on our skin, proudly showing off our strength, determination, pain & beauty. Each chapter, the experiences & people that have shaped our journey to the being we are now - each tattoo is an expression of our individuality; our unique design.

In recognizing this, our "why" became simple.

Koya is a body lotion that nourishes & enhances your story. Tattooed skin is distinctive, & vibrant. To keep it that way for years to come it is crucial to care for it properly.

Tattoos are not just a few days aftercare whilst healing. Many products seem to focus solely on the first two weeks of aftercare, with little thought to a simple, life-long, skincare routine. If tattooed skin isn’t properly maintained it can appear dry & dull.

It should be simple. Tattoo care needs to 'do no harm' & work for your daily routine. Enhancing the appearance & tone to best care for your story.

Live your story. Love your story.


Should I be testing KOYA Tattoo before applying it to my tattoo and body? 

In the 10 years this product has been sold in other markets around the world, we have not had a single adverse reaction reported. BUT, we do recommend a small patch test be undertaken before a full application is applied, especially if you have sensitive skin or have had reactions to other products previously.

When should I start applying KOYA Tattoo after I get my tattoo? 

First and foremost, we recommend you always take the advice of your artist. If you are interested in our suggestions and some of the reasons tattoo aftercare is so important, check out our blog post on the matter. 

Why a lotion vs. a balm?  

Lotions have a higher moisture content than balms. They also tend to contain less oils and fats. Lotions are lighter in nature, more easily applied and are great for everyday use. They are typically more easily absorbed and tend to not leave any residue behind. They are also less likely to clog pores and to be suitable for all skin types.

Are your products cruelty free and vegan friendly?  

We are currently going through the certification process for these and will update our site accordingly when we achieve this. We do not use any animal products any bi-products or animal derived ingrediants. Our products are not tested on animals. 

Is your packing eco-friendly? 

Yes! As humans and as parents we care about the world we live in and what we pass on to the next generation. All Koya packaging is 100% post-consumer-recycled (PCR) plastics, our boxes aren't laminated and our postage bags (and wrap) are fully compostable! Wherever possible - do no harm.

What does KOYA Tattoo smell like?

Its fragrance free, in that no specific fragrance has been added. This is especially relevant for those with sensitive skin and for application to fresh tattoo's during the healing process, as fragrance additives are known to cause adverse reactions.

Is KOYA Tattoo safe for my children? 

Yes! Well, your children shouldn't have tattoo's, but they will certainly have cuddles! koyaTattoo is  suitable for all ages 0+.

What skin types is KOYA Tattoo suitable for? 

All kinds. It is suitable for sensitive skin and has been tried and tested for 10 years with no adverse reactions reported. On the contrary, we have had reports of it being  great for people with all skin types and certain conditions.

Once my tattoo's are healed, when should I use KOYA Tattoo? 

Short answer, everyday! Exfoliate 2-3 times a week & then moisturise daily.