Where are your products made?

Sydney Australia

What are your ingredients? 

Our ingredients are listed on each product's page. 


Why the name KOYA?

Check out our OG story 


How long does shipping take?

Usually 7 days within Australia, overseas is subject to local shipping delays. Orders are dispatched within 24 business hours :) Our full shipping & returns policy can be viewed here  We have a warehouse in Sydney and a warehouse in Georgia USA.


What countries do you ship to?

EU, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Singapore and more! Email us if your country isn't listed here :)


Are your products tested on animals & do they contain animal derived ingredients?

No. Absolutely not.


How do I choose the best lotion for me?

-If you have sensitive skin or don't like fragranced products - go for our Sensitiv+e
-If using on the whole family & kids under 8 years (or if you're pregnant) then our unscented Mum & Bub lotion is for you. 
-If you bruise easily or are concerned about skin tone & even complexion then go for our Arnica blend.
-If you love a golden tan without the 'tan stink' try our gorgeous Gradual tan lotion. 
-If you like a fresh citrus light scent, but don't want the tan effect - then our Aussie Lemon Myrtle is for you.  
-If you have Tattoos (new or existing) but don't want a butter or balm, then go for the one & only KoyaTattoo. 


What age can I use these lotions from? 

All our lotions are suitable from age 8+, and our unscented lotions are suitable for all ages. 


How dark is the tan lotion?

Full colour control with Gradual tan. 


I have tattoos can I use your products?

Absolutely! Check out our Tattoo FAQs here 


I am pregnant can I use your products?

yes, however always patch test before use. 


Where can I view your Privacy Policy?